Hair Loss Doctors Have High Hopes For New Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Doctors Have High Hopes For New Hair Loss TreatmentAttention all hair loss sufferers there may be new hope on the horizon. If you have tried every over the counter miracle solution with no results, it is highly suggested that you keep reading. There is a new treatment on the market called stem cell therapy. It is considered to be less invasive than hair transplant procedures, and is quickly becoming the standard among hair loss doctors.

The fact that this procedure is growing new hair in the majority of cases has sparked new hair growth has given new hope to those scientist who have been racing to make advancements in the cloning hair market space.

One elderly female, Mrs Johnson who has been a hair loss sufferer for several years, is praying that this procedure works and is hoping to turn back the clock of time for hair thinning hair.

“It is extremely aggravating to me that it takes at least 30 minutes each morning to style my hair and make it look like I have more hair than I really do.” Mrs. Johnson said.

Her solution to this problem was to take a chance on what could possibly be the future of hair restoration treatments, stem cell therapy.

Hair loss doctor Daniel McGrath has plans on jump starting Mr. Johnson’s hair follicles with the use of this new technology.

“In most cases with women clients they have what is known as female pattern hair loss – or thinning areas that they cannot do anything about. With stem cell therapy it will give those women thicker hair and will regenerate regrowth, that’s a huge breakthrough,” Said Dr. McGarth.

How It Works

A small amount of the patient’s blood is taken, and the platelet-rich plasma is separated out. Then it is mixed with a wound-healing powder called “a-cell”, and injected back into the scalp. The patient’s head is numbed which means they will not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Finally, the doctor using some message and small needles to create tiny wounds, which will help trigger a healing response.

According to the testing that has been done thus far, there has been a better than 80 percent regrowth success rate. Besides treating hair loss this same therapy is currently being tested for a host of cosmetic uses. In the future it could be used for a host of cosmetic uses such as the plumping of lips, firming of sagging skin, and even breast enhancement.

How Much Does It Cost

At this time the cost is said to be about $3,500 for a single treatment. The number of treatments needed will be determined on a case-by-case bases.