Lesser Known Oils That Makes Natural Hair Shiny

No matter what your opinion on oil is, this still remains the most important hair care product for most women. The challenge however comes in maintaining the perfect balance to choose an effective oil that will moisturize your hair without leaving it looking messy and tangled hair. When choosing hair care oils, most women all over the world usually go for more popular brands to make their hair glossy and smooth. Still there are less popular oils and recipes that you can use and achieve the same great effect. These hair care oils are proven to work and you can also make them part of your hair care routine.

1. Rice Bran Oil
This is an extract of the outer layer of the husk or rice. It is not only a common hair care oil that you can grab from a local cosmetic shop but it also affordable and works well in fine hair types too. It is an effective product that will penetrate every strand of your hair making it shinier and easier to manage. If you are looking for an economical combination, then Rice Bran Oil mixed with castor oil and almond oil will create a great sealant that will make your hair consistently shiny. Its Recipe consists of 1.5 tbsp of almond oil, 2tbsp of rice bran oil and 0.5 tbsp of castor oil mixed in a small glass bowl.

2. Kukui Nut Oil

This is a nut oil from the Candlenut tree. Compared to common oils such as coconut and almond it is more expensive and also has silky feel when touched. Though it will make your hair shinier, just like grape seed oil it has a short lifespan of just 9 months. To make it effective, you will have to combine it with coconut oil that has a long shelf life. If you prefer a heavier product, you can add olive oil to Kukui Nut Oil to give it more weight. To prepare it yourself, stir in a small glass bowl 2tbsp olive oil and 2tbsp kukui nut oil.

3. Camelina Oil

This is the most effective shining oil and sealant. It has a longer shelf life as well and can last for up to 2 years. Apart from being a great hair care oil, it is also good for the skin thanks to its moisture retention and healing properties. If you want your hair to be more shiny and be naturally straight, you can start with Camelina Oil Recipe that consists of 1tbsp olive oil and 1tbsp castor oil combined with 2 tbsps Camelina.

4. Borage Seed Oil

Just like some of the hair care oils listed above, Borage Seed Oil also contains Omega 6 fatty acid which can stimulate growth and also seal and lubricate the hair. It is however very expensive and to make your hair more shiny and properly sealed, you will have to mix it with additional oils. Its Recipe consists of 1 tbsp almond oil, 1 tbsp grape seed oil and 1 tbsp borage seed oil combined together.Whether you have used these lesser-known oils before or not, you can still sample them. Some of them will provide you with a great experience. Of course you can also share your story on which oils you use to make your natural hair shiny.